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Marketing in the Digital Age

What every website manager needs to know.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

72.3% of Google users consider natural search result significantly more relevant that paid placement search results.

Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)

It’s important to know your numbers. Work out what you can afford to spend to acquire a customer.

Social Media Branding (SMB)

On average only 2% of customers come from a social media website.  However they are great tools for branding your business, service and products.

Verifiable Real Time Results

All of our websites come with real time traffic reports.  We can also prepare detailed reports or give access to raw traffic data to your marketing department.

Flexible Pricing Plans

We Have Pricing Plans To Suit Every Website Need



Website Submitted Top Search Engines
1 Facebook Business Page
1 Google+ Business Page
1 Twitter Page
Real Time Traffic Reports




Entire Website Optimized
Regular Content Updates
Search Engine Management
Social Media Management
Real Time Traffic Reports
Includes 24/7 Support




Entire Website Optimized
Regular Content Updates
SEO and SEM Management
Real Time Traffic Reports
Includes 24/7 Support
Regular Strategy Meetings

We specialize in ranking business web sites high on search engines.

Search Engine Marketing

We know how to optimize your web site for Google, Yahoo, Bing and all the other major search engines.

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Conducting business in the new digital age reqquires a new model for marketing.

Social Network Marketing

Business is undergoing a radical transformation that is nothing less than a new industrial revolution.

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Join our affiliate program and quickly earn extra cash for each signup.

Spread The Word

Have a friend with a failing website?  Refer them to us and if they sign you get a $50 referral bonus.

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Some Facts About Internet Marketing

How Digital Marketing Affects Your Bottom Line.

Recent studies have shown that consumers are accessing information on the Internet before making major life decisions. One in three customers relies heavily on the Internet to gather information about choosing a school, buying a car, finding a job, dealing with a major illness, or making investment decisions. The average U.S. Internet user visits the Web 30 times a month at home and 66 times a month at work, spending more than 30 minutes per visit. As a result, to be competitive in today’s marketplace, companies must adopt Internet technology or risk being left behind.

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Organic Search 64%
Referral (w/o Social) 15%
Social 2%
Google 64%
Bing 20%
Yahoo 13%