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March 2023
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Capture a Greater Market Share

Fill Your Chairs Faster with Technology

How do you reach a broader audience and compete against both local and chain barbershops?  You will need to employ a wide range of marketing tactics to effectively market your barbershop and capture a larger market share.

We have developed 6 proven methods to help you market your barbershop.   We can fill your chairs with new clients and keep them full with loyal regulars.

Design a Great Website

Today, consumers use the internet to research where to buy everything.  They make appointments, share there experiences and review everything online.  To be competitive in this environment you need a broad internet presence, and that starts with your barbershop web design.

Think of your website as a digital entrance to your barbershop.  The internet is the most likely place your customers will first see you.  Make a first impression that is enticing and persuasive.

Barbershop Web Design from A Working Website

Search Engine Marketing

There are four basic ways to dominate the search results.

  1. The first is to setup your local listings on Google My BusinessBing Places for Business and Yelp for Business Owners.
  2. Next insure your website has effective Search Engine Optimization to improve your organic listings.
  3. Then ongoing content creation will grow your page rank and keep your brand in front of consumers.
  4. Finally use pay-per-click advertising. Search engines like Google AdsBing Ads and Yelp Advertising  use an auction-based systems.

Most internet users value organic listings over paid advertisements because they know you cannot buy your way into the organic listings. They know that the top organic listing will give them the best match for what they are looking for.

Help customers find and connect with your business on Google.

Bing is a search engine marketing, or pay-per-click advertising, program works and how it can help build your business.

Yelp is a crowd-sourced review search engine

Social Media Marketing

Your barbershop should take advantage of the visual appeal of social media to create an ongoing gallery of haircut styles on FacebookInstagramPinterest and videos on YouTube.  List your price menu and create a call to action button on your Facebook Business Page.

Social media websites work very well for barbershops by way of likable images and hashtags search capabilities.  Utilize these free and easy to use tools to extend your market reach.

Social networks have many effective paid advertising tactics we can use on social media to target new clients, existing clients, and people ready to schedule a haircut.

Like with the search engines, your social network success requires continuous content creation.  Our website designs link directly to your social networks to push new content across your social media platforms.

Employ content themes, such as a focus on moustaches, beards, and testicular cancer during Movember, fathers during June, sports themes during playoffs and the usual holidays etc.  Social media have features such as Stories, Video and Live Video, Polls, and others can also be used to create unique marketing content.

Facebook is the largest social network

Instagram is a mobile app for sharing images and videos from a mobile phone

Pinterest is a image and video social network

Youtube is a Video Search Engine / Social Network Platform

Reviews and Reputation

Barbershops, like other local business, get a lot of reviews because the Local Listing websites encourage customers to reviewing local businesses.  There are several ways to improve and maintain your review profile.

Remember to ask happy customers to write a review. It’s best to do this when they are in your shop, happy with their haircut. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how many people will do this for you.

Monitor and respond to all reviews and pay special attention to negative reviews. Most business have a few. If it’s a legitimate complaint, then reach out and offer a way to fix the complaint.  People are receptive when they see you want to fix the problem.

It’s important to remember not to worry about rants and tirades. Some people use the anonymity of the internet to extract what they believe is revenge for a wrong they believe happened to them. Ignore these and continue to move forward unless you think the review is a competitor or fake, in most cases you can flag it.

Thank you for the outstanding service you have provided to ServiceMaster. Your design of our website has exceeded our expectations of displaying our company theme and services. Everything you said you were going to do, you did. The time lines were all met and the quality of the site is terrific.
Kevin Mellot, ServiceMaster Professional Cleaning

“The A Working Website set up and hosts our website, the service has been excellent and we recommend them to our clients who need web pages and for hosting.

Fran Brown, M2 Graphics
The pros at A Working Website built our website with all the features we asked for. Before our website did not work but now our it makes money.
Mary Alice Davis, Bolognese of Phoenix
A Working Web Site knows what they are doing – and they do it extremely well. They are good people who are easy to work with.
Bill Gour, Greencastle Blue Diamonds
We love our new website from A Working Website and have already received new jobs via the “Request for Service” forms on our new website.
John Scofield, John’s Pro Clean
Thank you for your expertise and helping us with our Website Development.
Adam Santee, Recycle Local
David is an expert in his field. He is very professional with high integrity. His creativity goes beyond what you can imagine, and he gives it all to the client. He is very dedicated into the final result, and makes it happen. His follow up was wonderful, and the results is a fabulous website, plus he maintains it once it is up. I’m 1000% happy.
Donna Frisbie, Donna's Passion Boutique
David is an expert in his field. He is very professional with high integrity. His creativity goes beyond what you can imagine, and he gives it all to the client. He is very dedicated into the final result, and makes it happen. His follow up was wonderful, and the results is a fabulous website, plus he maintains it once it is up. I’m 1000% happy.
Helen Jeanne Whysong, Whysong Reflexology Inc.

Create a Unique Experience

If your business model is to compete on price you will need a higher volume of customers to meet your bottom line needs. More customers means you have to limit the time in the chair which reduces the quality of a haircut.  However if you compete on quality, you can set your prices higher and you will require fewer customers to meet the needs of your bottom line.

Most people view local barbershops as more than just a place to get a haircut. It’s also kind of social club where you can catch up on the latest gossip, sports and news.  For these reasons you want to do things to that turn getting a haircut into an experience.

For example, this VIP Barbershop in Phoenix AZ offers a free beer or soda with your hair cut. The atmosphere of your barber shop should turn waiting for a chair into a fun experience.  Also, these unique experiences are the type of thing that gets shared on social media.

Improve Client Retention

Make this assumption: a hungry new competitor and/or an aggressive, low-priced chain wants to steal your best clients. Don’t let it happen.

Encourage people to follow you on social to keep up with the latest styles, trends, and news.

Consider offering specials for events like weddings, graduations, or anniversaries. Create a loyalty program where every 10th cut is free or you get a free shave with every third cut. Discounts for seniors, students, or vets will keep them coming back.

Just remember that you’re not the only choice in town. Don’t assume your regulars will stay with you. Let them know you really care about their business.

Our mission is to make your website more successful. Yes, it is all about your business – all about your branding, your clients, your process, your products, your success. We have built our company around a methodology that delivers creative solutions that solve online problems.

The Bottom Line: Our business, is to make your business, more money.

A Working Website