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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we offer 24/7 phone support for both website maintenance and hosting.  Have a problem?  Call us anytime day or night and we will be on it.

A Working Website 24 Hour Support
Phone: (786) 760-6159
Email: aworkingwebsite@gmail.com

Yes we will install, configure and theme your WordPress website.  We specialize in WordPress and know everything WordPress.  Give us a call and get started today!

All of our websites are backed up on a daily basis.  We can set it up so you can be emailed the backup to your favorite email address.
We have every website design project sign a contract.  You do have rights and can terminate the contract if you wish.  However if the specified conditions are not met as per the contract, an early termination will result in a monetary penalty as specified in said contract.

Each website is unique and each project will have varying costs involved.  Take a look at our Design Services page where we have categorized websites into the most requested types.  The prices are an average and are not necessarily indicative of your project will cost.  But it will give you an rough idea.

Yes we can migrate any website to our servers.  We can also migrate your website content into a WordPress website.  Call and as for a price.
No we do not sell domains.  We will however can acquire and manage your domain name for you if you need that service.  Domain names are issued and maintained by the National Science Foundation who does not sell to the public.  Domains are sold by a group of authorized dealers like GoDaddy and enom who sell directly to the public.
In most cases you can have as many as you want.  Email is changing and we recommend you use Cloud email for your business.  We do not offer Cloud email service with our hosting only standard webmail and POP email.  If you want Cloud email using your domain name we can help set that up through one of the many Cloud email servers like Google and Microsoft.
Every website we design come mobile ready.  We use the latest coding technology to insure your website looks good regardless of which platform your viewer is using.
If you are being hosted on our servers you can have as many as the internet can give you.  If you are hosted on another server you will need to check your contract to find that information.
All of our websites are designed using databases, image servers and optimized coding to deliver the website as fast as your server can serve.  We use high speed servers connected to the internet backbone by fiber optic lines.  We have nicknamed that datacenter Greased Lighting.
Every website we design comes with an administrative dashboard.  In that dashboard you will receive real time traffic reports.  Within the Administrative portal you will have a page that can construct a variety of reports.  All of our Digital Marketing clients receive detailed monthly status reports.
Yes we will train you how to use every part of your website.  After training you will be able to add, edit and delete all of the pages, posts, products and other areas of your website.  Our websites are designed to be managed by the average person.  If you can type you can learn to manage your new website.
A shopping cart is like the JC Penny’s Catalog in your grandparents day.  It is a digitized catalog of all your products organized by category.  It allows you to display images, details and price in a standardized format for your customers.  They can go online 24/7 and shop at your store.  A shopping cart is like a checkout clerk that works 24 hours a day 365 days a year and never asks for a bathroom break.
Most of our clients can manage every page and product on their website.  It depends on how computer literate you are.  This is not an insult but some people have an easy time and some struggle with it.  I will say though 80% of our clients manage their own websites.
Social networks serve their purpose but it is important to remember if you are looking to drive traffic social networks are not your best way.  We do believe that social networks are important.  They are an invaluable branding tool. No business should be without a few basic social networks.  We recommend that every website have a Google+ Business Page and a Facebook Business Page.

Google+ is required to get listed in the local search results.  I cannot stress the importance of a verified Google+ Business Page.  Facebook is where the majority of your branding efforts should be concentrated.  We also like Pintrest because it is popular with the public and allows you to use big visual branding.

Yes we design all kinds of graphics from Logos to Product Images.  We can also design print products such as business and advertising flyers.
That is as easy as pie.  Just hop over to our appointment scheduler and book an appointment.  You can scroll down to the bottom of this page and fill out our short contact form, pick up the phone and call us at (786) 760-6159 or drop us an email at aworkingwebsite@gmail.com

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By |March 19th, 2015|Support, Tips & Tricks|

Understanding Mobile Marketing What is it and how you can use it to increase your market share?  All of the data shows that mobile media outperforms conventional desktop browsing by almost every measure.  The one area of performance mobile is lagging behind in is online buying.  Buyers are spending over half of their total internet usage on their mobile devices using it find there way around town, checking their bank accounts, checking facebook, playing games, listening to music and researching products.

Our mission is to make your website more successful. Yes, it is all about your business – all about your branding, your clients, your process, your products, your success. We have built our company around a methodology that delivers creative solutions that solve online problems.

The Bottom Line: Our business, is to make your business, more money.

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