JD Grove Furniture came to me through another web developer that needed a place put a new website he designed in Microsoft FrontPage. That was old technology even for 2007. I warned of the shortcomings to the developer and the owne at the time I put it on my webservers. However the developer could not do anything about it because that is the only technology he knew and the owner had just paid a bunch of money and did not want to spend any more.

We have hosted JD Grove Furniture for 9 years and Joe has always been on time with his hosting payment. With that in mind, and the fact his website was in dire need of help, we decided that we could no longer in good consciousness take money for hosting a website that clearly did not work. So we redeveloped his website from the ground up. We got rid of those godawful frames and put it on a WordPress database. We added in a shopping cart to sell his products and now I no longer feel guilty to ask for my monthly hosting charges.

Sure we could have demanded money for a site redesign but hey, he is a longtime customer and friend.