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Project Description

Barbara Powell Art Studio

Redesign Date March 3 2016 – Still in Progress

When Barbara came to us back in 2011 she was struggling to keep her Bob Ross style art class filled.  We designed a WordPress website that was easy to update and promote her art lessons.  Class registration used an webform that sent an email to Barbara informing her she had a new student that would attend a specific class she was offering.  That new website generated so many students she had to double her class schedule and expand adding another location to accommodate all the new signups.

As time went by she had trouble keeping the signups separated from her other emails and wanted a system that would not rely on email.  She also wanted to sell Oil Paintings, Art Supplies and Video Lessons online.

To address these needs we determined she would need a complete website makeover.  We started by scrubbing the database for errors and unused data and content.  Then we redesigned her Website Theme to accommodate the new Shopping Cart, Class Registration System and Online Video Lesson System programs.  After we plugged in the new systems to her current WordPress site, configured and styled the systems to match the website’s current look and feel.

This is the 3rd Theme change for this website, however this is the first major upgrade to the sites functionality during its lifetime.  We expect this website to increase her bottom line by 200% or 300%.