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Review of Phoenix WordCamp 2014 – User Track

If you are a non-programming WordPress user and attended the Phoenix WordCamp this year, you might have been a bit disappointed in the classes offered. I understand that some WordPress users understand HTM, CSS and PHP but most do not. The instructors kept veering off course and started talking about coding. Although coding is good to know, there are ways to teach a user the limitations of WordPress and how to overcome said limitations without evoking code. After all, that is why we push WordPress to our clients, to give them the ability to edit the website without learning coding. Continue reading

Are You Attending WordCamp Phoenix 2014?

Yes folks it's that time of year again. If you have a WordPress driven website you might want to consider attending the Phoenix WordCamp in Chandler AZ this year. This 3-day conference is packed full of help and tips on how to manage both your WordPress website and the internet marketing of your website. It is broken down into 5 tracks; Beginning User, Advanced User, Designer, Beginning Developer, and Advanced Developer. Continue reading

Review of the Author hReview Plugin

When I found this plugin it made microformatting reviews and testimonials a breeze. The rich snippets to begin appear in the search results immanently. The star rating makes them stand out from the crowd. No more manually creating micro-format code. This is a must have tool for all WordPress managers. Continue reading

Using WordPress in the Wild Wild Web

Until just a few years ago it was impossible for small business to afford a website with the capabilities of WordPress. However thanks to the wonderful development team at WordPress it is finally affordable for the average small business. It is a god send for start up business that needs a fast and cheep way to deploy a website. Continue reading

Looking for Lemmings in All the Wrong Places

Important things to remember about financial information, keep it confidential and only release the information to trusted known associates. Don't be a lemming. One of the big reasons that most small business start-ups fail with in the first three years is because they fall victim to scams and loose vital operating capital. Continue reading

Raven in the Big Schema of WordPress

If your business website does not use WordPress, then you probably have chosen the wrong solution. If you are thinking about deploying a new website, then you should seriously consider using the WordPress framework. There are exceptions to every rule but the majority of all existing business websites would do better if they used the WordPress framework. Continue reading

WordCamp PHX 2013

We will be attending the WordCamp annual 3-day event from Friday through Sunday (January 18-20) in Chandler Arizona. WordCamp Phoenix 2013 is a perfect opportunity for A Working Website to keep abreast of the fastest growing and most widely used web content management system today. WordPress is not only a technology, but a community of professional developers dedicated to making the WordPress framework the worlds best website management system. Continue reading

WARNING – Sharebar Plugin will not work with WordPress Update 3.5

I have not yet sorted out the details of the issue but any website that I manage using the sharebar plugin will not be upgraded to WordPress 3.5 until the solution is found. If you want to still upgrade everything else that I have reviewed works just fine but you can disable the sharbar plugin and go with the official WordPress share buttons that comes with the WordPress Jetpack plugin. Continue reading

WordPress Training and Support

Do you have a WordPress website and need training and support for using the WordPress system? We provide on site training for the Phoenix Metro area and phone training and support for all others. Current customers of A Working Website with a WordPress website are supported free. If you are not a current customer and need training and support for your WordPress website Continue reading

Website Designer for Sun Lakes, Arizona

If your a business located in Sun Lakes and need a local web designer, A Working Website can help. We are a professional website design company located in Phoenix servicing businesses from all over the Phoenix Metro area. We can design your business a new website, add content, or new pages to an existing website Continue reading

Chandler Small Business Website Designer

If you are looking for a local web developer that you can sit down with to design and maintain your website, then look no further. A Working Website is a professional website design company located in Phoenix but we service businesses from all over the Phoenix Metro area. We can go to your office or you can come to our office. We work well with other web development companies... Continue reading

Proven eCommerce Solutions for Your Business

Are you unsure on how to implement your online store? It can be confusing to just find out what you need to sell your products online. So in an effort to help we have come up with a short checklist for you to use. A shopping cart will need several elements to come together at one place to make it a reality. Continue reading

Mesa Small Business Web Designer

Is your Mesa, Arizona business in need of a local web designer? If so A Working Website is a professional website design company located in Phoenix and servicing small to midsize business from all over the Phoenix Metro area. Continue reading

Google+ Launches Pages for Business

Google official entered the social networking arena with the launch of Google+ just a few months ago and over 40 million people have already signed up for an account. One thing that has been missing from Google+ is the ability for business to have an account. As of yesterday that problem has be solved with the launch of Google+ Pages. Continue reading

Phoenix Based Web Design and SEO Company

If you are looking for a local website development company, look no farther. A Working Website is the best web development company in the Phoenix Metro area. We provide a full range of web design services including but not limited to, domain name registration, website hosting, web development, search engine marketing and email newsletters. Continue reading

Domain Name Research

Your domain name is a vital part of your corporate identity. It should be the name of your business if possible. However that may not be possible or you may want to brand a specif product of service your business produces. Continue reading

Establish Your Corporate Identity

Your corporate identity will consist of a logo, website, stationary, brochures packaging and more.  The colors and typography used will establish a recognizable brand for your business and promote your business through visual identity. Continue reading
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